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M.I Album Review: Osagie Alonge Of Pulse NG Was Highly Disrespectful And Unprofessional

I should be resting now but this highly inappropriate and unprofessional video of Osagie Alonge’s interview with M.I won’t just allow the fetus and he take-out from last night settle properly, so here we go.
Anyone who knows me knows just how much respect I think I had/have for Osagie Alonge, I mean let’s say it as it is…for most writers in the music business, he is like a mentor.
It is our job as music critics to ascertain if a certain song/album is befitting for the fans/public, our beautiful, beautiful job lets us decide which artiste did a good job on a project or not and as much as many like to disagree, there is something about a negative album review that can sway public consciousness.
Most harsh criticism projects get are warranted, not everything can be golden. But every once in awhile, the critics get it wrong. Wrong in the sense of how they go about telling a ‘rap legend’ his project meant to evoke some sort of emotion has been bastardized by his lack of unintelligent lyrics.’
M.I has been in the game for a long time and during this time, churned out hits and misses up until he decided taking a haven’t yet earned paternity leave is the way. Then he makes a comeback, and drops an album and like the critic, Osagie is, he did his job and decided, this project is unhealthy for human consumption. A decision, I want to believe was reached with a disappointed heart, earbuds, and brain giving the fact that M.I is a great artist, so somehow, I understand where Osagie is coming from.
However his way of dealing with this disappointment reminds me of a child who was never taught how to communicate properly thus, his need to throw tantrums get attention, I mean really sir…you had to use the word f**k on live TV. Not just fuck, if you had been give the opportunity you could have thrown few punches.

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